12 Nov 2009

Troll beads -how to buy and choose perfect beads

Troll beads - How to buy nice troll beads
Troll beads is a perfect present for someone we love or even to ourselves. Troll beads can remind us a of an enjoyable trip, a special occasion or even when are celebrating something at that time. But we have to choose carefully and know well on how to buy nice troll beads, to get worth value with money. Below are some basic steps on how to buy nice troll beads. Before buying troll beads make sure that he or she isn’t allergic or has skin reaction to certain type of jewelry.

Firstly find a dealer. Don’t worry, troll beads are easy to get at a lot of fine jewelry outlets or online, so keep your eyes wide open for a distributor. If you find no near home distributor, you can browse through the internet. Check out Troll beads official website and go to the store locator to find your elusive outlet. Shopping online is just as easy, and Troll beads sites are ample (see Resources on your left).
The second step is on how to buy a bracelet for your troll beads. Apparently you’ll need a bit to put your beads on, and Troll beads have some nice silver rope-style bracelets to match perfectly with any of their beads.

Next get a starter bracelet. Ask yourself first, if you want to get into fashion but aren’t certain which beads to choose, you can go with a starter bracelet. These are idea-inspired pre-assembled bracelets that can get you in on the style without a lot of time commitment in selecting your “story.” Starters come in blue, love, nature and ocean themes and come with about 11 beads and spacers.

Then choose carefully your story. If you are purchasing for yourself, think about the things that are significant to you. Quickly browse through a Troll beads catalog and read the stories about the different types of beads. An elephant bead symbolizes strength and good luck, while a green prism bead can improve bad mood or bad luck.

Build one for your friend. Got a new mother to shop for? Build a Troll beads bracelet with an elephant lock bead that represents the bonds of mother and child. Add a letter bead for the child’s name and a cell bead to represent new life. Be prepared to spend a bit though, beads fall into the $20 to $30 range.

Keep on giving. Once you buy or gift a bracelet with Troll beads, add to the collection. As new things happen in life or the seasons change, purchase a bead that will mark the moment.
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26 Oct 2009

Troll beads- A symbolic of relationship between you and your love ones

Troll beads fan,
Who else wants troll beads? Actually there are many women who want a troll beads when by wearing them as symbols of a good relationship. Troll beads actually do have a particular value in terms of aesthetic and sentimental. For example by wearing troll beads bracelets, relationship between mothers and children can be highlighted when a mother bought a set of mother and child troll bracelets.

How uniquely troll beads that can be seen clearly when so many fans without borders. For example this my-troll-beads site was getting a good numbers of visitors from around any corners of the worlds. I would say every 50 to 60 troll beads’ fans visit my site every day.

The art of making a troll beads bracelets are so special. You can design and choose your own beads that suit your own creativity, select and sort them according to your desire.

I had found many people asking about troll beads in the UK jewelry forums. Some of them asking others on how to choose troll beads, where can you get cheap troll beads and a variety of questions all about troll beads.

Furthermore, Intimate relationship between husband and wife can be developed if she loves to wear them while in bed.

Every troll beads got its meaning to the owners. Troll beads are usually ordered according to the owner special story. Carefully select a story that really important that can reflect a story you will always remember when you wear the troll beads. For example, mountain climbing experience, survivors of a health diseases or celebrate something.

Hopefully troll beads fans will always support troll beads artwork, while they themselves know the truly purposes of the troll beads, I would says a symbolic of a good relationship between one and another.

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25 Oct 2009

Troll beads -how to clean troll beads part II

Troll Beads

Did you lose the shine and color to your silver troll beads charms? Is it starting to fade onto your skin? This simple cleaning solution has been around for years, and it takes less than a couple of minutes.
1. Set the silver troll beads charms on the bathroom sink. Make sure the sink isn't wet or your troll beads bracelets could fade even more.
2. Take out a plastic bowl and pour a little bit of toothpaste, about 2 tablespoons for a necklace, and mix it into the bowl. Then, mix equal parts of tap-water into the bowl. Mix thoroughly.
3. Taking about a pea-sized amount on the cloth, gently rub the toothpaste on the troll beads and let it sit for about a minute.
4. Rinse the toothpaste off and dry the troll beads with another cloth.
Remember that you can always take your silver troll beads charms bracelets to a professional. Not only will he restore the lustrous look of the jewelry but will also check it for damage. Thus you will be sure that your troll beads charms bracelets is safe from damage as well as free of scratches. (This option is the best and safest option.)
Silver troll beads is a metal that is resistant to rusting, corrosion and tarnishing. However, the troll beads is very malleable.
Understand that while sterling silver troll beads dips are fast and easy, many dips will remove the color from many gemstones that adorn the article. Also, if you leave the piece in too long, or fail to rinse it well, residues will remain when it dries. If you do use a dip, dip it in and out very fast and rinse it immediately in clean water followed by an immediate buffing to bring out the shine.
Consider using a chemically treated cloth that you can buy anyplace that silver troll beads is sold as it makes the troll beads cleaning job easier.
See you in my next post on how to choose troll beads and how troll beads being repair.
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20 Oct 2009

Are troll beads still in style 21st Century?

troll beads
I used to see lots of girls wearing troll beads charm bracelets, but now I hardly see them being worn anymore. Are they still in style?

Well I don't see anyone wearing them anymore... I got one for my 10th b-day and used to wear it all the time, but I eventually stopped...That doesn't mean you have to stop wearing yours too, though. Wear anything you want, you cares what other people think? Maybe you'll be the one to bring it back in style!

They don't have to be in style for you to wear them. Maybe no one is wearing them anymore. Start wearing yours and bring it back in style. I guess I was never in to them I seen many teachers wear them some kids wear them that are in middle school.

I think it kind of depends on what the troll beads stands for. If it's something you've had for years that you've been adding to or a gift with some sort of sentimental value it's not tacky at all. I think it also depends on what charms you put on it.

I personally love them! If you get each troll beads from a different country, it helps you keep that memory for example trip to Hawaii, Phukett or even Sipadan Islands.
If it’s a beautiful troll beads charm bracelet, I think it’s a good idea.

In general, I think jewelry isn't a bad idea for gifts, but if it’s going to be a milestone occasion like 16th,18th or 21th birthday, you should look for a nice classy one, and wrap it up in nice packaging, with a well thought of note/card since you and her are very close. For my 16th birthday, my then best friend gave me this necklace, it looks like one the kind a young princess would wear, and I loved it.
I think that is a lovely idea especially as your friend likes Jewelry and your 21st is special, so receiving something special is lovely.
Another thought is, it depends on the person. Does she wear jewelry a lot? Does she appreciate little things, or is she more into other stuff? Does she like clothes, money or music?
I love them, and i think their adorable. If they did though, they'll be back in style within the next year. Their classic, and hey, maybe you could even bring troll beads back into style. They are one of those timeless treasures.
Is a troll beads considered old-fashioned or unsuitable gifts for girlfriends? I think they are quite a thoughtful gift - especially if you choose the charms carefully to build up a "picture" of your girlfriend's life - e.g. beads that symbolize where she comes from, has lived, her work, her interests, her achievements etc. Read More......

17 Oct 2009

How to clean troll beads?

Well guys how to clean troll beads? How to take care of the beads? Please do try some of these methods. After I googled it, I found that there are so many ways on how to clean them.

Try using a soft headed toothbrush first dry then if that doesn’t work try a tiny bit of water on it. Then hang to dry, remember does it gently as you don't want to rub off the troll beads or loosen any.

Use a clean makeup brush to sweep away loose dirt. Then use a soft rag moistens with rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the remaining dirt away. Do not use water--it will loosen the thread.

Quite honestly, restring them! The string gets very weak and will break. I have bought pieces off EBay and this is what I do. I make my own jewelry and I buy from estate sales and garage sales. I always restring the troll beads if they come on fiber string. If it is on metal/tiger tail type of material you can buy yourself sometime.

Providing the threads holding the troll beads are not rotten you can wash the bracelets in warm soapy water and if necessary use a very soft brush to clean the troll beads. Rinse well and dry flat so no tension on the threads.

Soak the troll beads themselves in a warm water soap solution. Put in a shallow dish and swish around with your hands. Then, get and old toothbrush to scrub off any dirt that won't soak off. Use a piper cleaner to clean the hole if there is anything blocking. Sometimes old waxy string will block and keep you from stringing.

the only way is to have them restrung trying to clean the thread will only weaken and stretch it so they will look even worse than they do now . It might be a better idea to restring them yourself; if you treat the troll beads with any kind of product it might damage them. Pop into your local craft shop, sure you can find a thread of a suitable color. Like this they will still keep their vintage look without the dirty thread.

Go to a craft store and you might be able to buy new thread that will resemble the vintage kind you are looking for or wash the thread with baking soda, a squirt of dawn and see if that helps. If they are beige you can redeye them in tea, just make strong tea and soak them overnight.
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troll beads story !

nice troll bead fans.
to all people that love troll beads please do leave a comment ;p

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15 Oct 2009

Discover Trollbeads By Louise Rogers(Troll beads)

Troll Beads
One of the Most Unique and Exciting Jewelry Lines on the market today.
If you don't know about Trollbeads, you soon will. Starting in the east, the jewelry line has been traveling north and south and finally westward quietly waking up marketplaces and creating avid collectors along its path.

Trollbeads is an interchangeable jewelry line from Denmark. The line consists of a few hundred artist designed beads along with the silver and gold chains for use with the beads. That may sound simple but it's anything other than simple. For over 30 years Trollbeads has been gaining in recognition but ever since it was brought to the U.S. by Morten Petersen the line has skyrocketed in popularity. Under his direction Petersen (who owns Lund Trading, the U.S. Distributor for Trollbeads) has given America a line of jewelry that is evolving, sophisticated yet playful and intriguing. In the past 2 years alone the company has experienced unheard of growth rates in sales and judging by the first quarter, 2008 will be another record breaking year.

Imagine a group of extremely talented artists collaborating and combining their talents to design and producing beautiful and wearable beads. Imagine the variety and the pure artistic value. In a catalog offered by Trollbeads retailers you can read about the artists and learn which of the beads they have designed. In sterling silver, 18K gold, fine Lamp-worked Murano glass and Amber, the Trollbeads jewelry line inspires every collector that discovers it. Less commercial than other bead lines Trollbeads appeals to collectors that recognize quality and designs that stand the test of time. Many of the original designs produced in the late seventies and early eighties are still in the line today. Beads like "Happy Universe", "Buddha" and "Transformation" speak to us of deeper meanings and transforms jewelry to reflect meaning and send endearing messages.

Every bead has a story, every story has a bead. It's true and it harkens back to the original charm bracelets and in fact Trollbeads has been referred to as the "New Age" charm bracelet. One of the most beneficial features of the Trollbeads jewelry is that you change and add beads on your own. No jeweler is needed. One day wear your beads in a necklace and the next day wear them on a bracelet.

Some of the beads in the line include the exquisite and colorful Murano glass beads number over 130 and that does not even include the assorted glass beads the company offers to its top dealers, which are unique and are not a part of the main line. All sterling silver beads, all 18K Gold beads and a combination of silver and gold beads comprise the metals offerings. The combination of both metals allows the collector to have a little gold without having to spend as much. The newest material offered is Amber and makes a beautiful bracelet as it has many hues and tones from honey to caramel sunset.

If you haven't yet seen Trollbeads go to http://www.trollbeadsgallery.com or to Lund Distributing at http://www.trollbeadsUS.com and search for a store nearest you. Please note only a handful of dealers carry the assorted beads.

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10 Oct 2009

Troll Beads - New Or Retired - A Collecting Phenomenon By Allen X Stecklee

Troll beads
Troll Beads are unparalleled in the jewelry universe. The thing that is most identifiable about Trollbeads, apart from the daring design, is the utilization and combining of attractive materials.

Every bead has a history, taking its creation from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, beasts, flora, cultural variety, and drawn from the usual things of commonplace life. They are made employing a combination of exquisite materials including sterling silver, 18 karat gold, Italian Murano Glass, natural pearls and precious stones. The line of Trollbeads charms was produced over the past 2 1/2 decades. Now, 18 Danish and world famous jewelry designers create the beads. There are over 200 unusual representations of Trollbeads. The numerous extraordinary symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac houses, colors and materials offer you unlimited variants and combinations, allowing the jewelry to be both different and personal. You can start up with a singular bead or be emboldened and start up with a collection. The beads can be worn on a silver or gold chain, as a bracelet or necklace.

Troll beads have been available for the previous 30 years. From the beginning Trollbeads were the brain child of Danish gold worker Svend Nielsen. At first they were a unparalleled jewelry gift for acquaintances and family back in 1976. Nowadays Trollbeads are unmatched as one of the quickest selling jewelry innovations not only in Denmark but international. In the 1980s Lise Aagaard began an apprenticeship making Troll beads, she began trying out materials and produced the first glass bead which became widely accessible in 2002. As technology develops, more beads of extraordinary forms, colors and sizes can be worked and there are now beads for every occasion and persona with new inventions appearing every day. The beads can be made into bracelets and necklaces and arranged by you or you can buy complete bracelets and necklaces to start your collecting. The perpetual modification and development has made Trollbeads legendary and has imparted the company a massive devotee base across the world.

The beads are marketed world wide both on the web and also from jewelry and gift shops. What is it that causes Trollbeads to be so attractive is in the premise that Svend Nielsen had when he made the initial Trollbeads. He was inspired by of the historic success of the traditional charm bracelet with gold and silver charms that are commonly fixed to a conventional bangle. This established style of jewelry had been successful for years because buyers could collect charms and individualize their bracelet, however once the charms were attached, the band is static and only a extensive effort and expense would modify the style of the bracelet. Svend Nielsens thought was to generate a charm bracelet that could be individualized like the established charm bracelet but would be able to be adjusted instantly with no technical experience demanded. His innovation was Trollbeads using a fox tail bracelet, Murano glass, cast silver and gold beads that slip on and off rapidly.

Every bead has a history, every story has a bead. Its true and Trollbeads have been cited as the "New Age" charm bracelet. Mostly Trollbeads owners are special from other bead collectors and are made up of many varieties of people. Trollbeads attract a more sophisticated client than the Chamelia or Pandora lines. The motto for Trollbeads is "Every Story has a Bead". The Trollbeads artisans endeavor to make fine intricate sculptures. The beauty and uniqueness is evident in every last bead. Trollbeads are unique from other beads as it was the first interchangeable bead line on the market in Europe. One of the most beneficial features of the Trollbeads jewelry is that beads can be exchanged without the involvement of a jeweler. You can wear your beads in a necklace one day and the next day wear them on a bracelet, or mix and match your beads to fit your temper or style. Their long 30 plus years of maturation and design has positioned them as the best selling collectible and interchangeable bead jewelry line on the market.

The constant change and evolution has created Trollbeads renown and given the line a large following world wide. Trollbeads have been designed around popular subjects. From the mythical Pegasus and even mermaids to dragons and unicorns, Trollbeads are very fashionable for tweens as well as those that are more mature. Trollbeads jewelry has gone main stream with the new Troll Bead line that contains the softer elements of fantasy jewelry with various types of beads, rings and pendants that are a bit less edgy than some of the more traditional pieces. Their history in the U.S.A. is just six years long and its been an exciting and interesting course for Trollbeads U.S.

Allen loves Trollbeads and wants them all, but since that's not possible she collects pictures of as many different Trollbeads, especially retired Troll beads, as possible. Check out more pics and Trollbeads info at http://retiredtrollbeadsjewlery.blogspot.com/

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8 Oct 2009

Troll Beads -Where do you get troll beads?

Troll Beads

Troll Beads
Cheap because I went to the store that sells them, and they are so expensive so where can I get cheap troll beads?

The only place I've heard of that sells troll beads wants about $40.- a piece for them. I thought my cloisonné beads were expensive at $3.50 each. I guess not.

If you want info on the place that sells them for $40.- each, it's The Emporium in Camarillo, CA. You can find their contact info online by using Goodsearch or Google or whichever engine you like.

In my town (not anywhere near denmark) they are very popular! Everyone loves them and puts them on their pandora bracelets. Troll beads make great gifts and have many fabulous colors and patterns to choose from!!

I used to have a charm bracelet where I had to go to the jeweler's for them to put on each new charm. I want a bracelet where I can do this myself. No Claire's please! I like nicer jewelry. Silver base bracelet. Colorful or silver charms. I like Pandora and Troll beads.

Which one do you like better and why? I also want suggestions of other types of charm bracelets besides pandora and troll beads.
I saw some the other day. I just don't remember where. I'm serious. They were so cool!
Here's the site: http://trollbeads.com/site/trollbeads_usd

You can buy a nice variety of silver charm bracelets including Pandora on eBay .You can buy a traditional kind of charm bracelet and the charms at


You can put the charms on yourself. There's more of a selection than Pandora or Troll beads.

I bought a blank gold charm bracelet there and am buying up charms to add to it now. Just make sure you measure your wrist and that the bracelet won't be too big or too small before you order. Leave some room so you can put it on easily but not so much it will fall off.

You can buy also take a peek on troll beads at juicy couture http://www.juicycouture.com/shoponline/ or tiffanys

I like troll beads, they have a great selection of nice charms to choose from. They also have glass beads and gold and diamond charms. troll beads are good quality, although they are quite expensive. Tiffanys have charm bracelets, although I don't know if they have as many nice charms as Pandora do.

I bought a blank gold charm bracelet there and am buying up charms to add to it now. Just make sure you measure your wrist and that the bracelet won't be too big or too small before you order. Leave some room so you can put it on easily but not so much it will fall off.
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5 Oct 2009

Troll beads 2008 - A Year in Review By Louise Rogers(troll beads)

Trollbeads 2008 - A report

Trollbeads hits the mainstream with steam and keeps on growing!

Trollbeads is a line of interchangeable jewelry hailing from Denmark. Their long 30 plus years of development and design has positioned them to be the next best selling collectable and interchangeable bead and accompanying jewelry line on the market. Their history in the United States is only about 6 years long and it's been an exciting and interesting path for Trollbeads U.S. and it's just the beginning.

Morten Petersen, who was originally from Denmark and the head of Lund Trading Inc., a distributing company he founded in Maryland, brought this line over from Denmark to distribute in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. At first the line was slow to grow here. Perhaps it was the representatives bringing it to market, or the market they were aiming for or maybe American women just weren't ready for them. Each year the product was introduced to new venues and to new areas of the country and their growth became steady. Each year and with each growth level, the office at Lund Distributors was fine tuning its procedures to a more efficient level. A business that has steadily plodded its course, has just in the last year and a half, exploded on the American jewelry scene. Just recently the news is that November '08, a month where everyone was debating on bailouts and relief packages or watching as houses were auctioned off, Trollbeads saw its highest single month increase ever. In the most recent issue of the jewelry trade magazine "In Store" Trollbeads was #2 on the list for the most exciting line retailers wanted to carry and Rolex was listed #6. It was my understanding that Lund has blown away 2007 sales figures but to excel in a month that for others was so bleak, points to one very obvious fact. The collecting of Trollbeads is recession proof. It's the small things that count when times are difficult and these beads have a humorous side and a highly spiritual side. What better combination could there be in times like these?

For the most part Trollbeads collectors are unique from other bead collectors and are comprised of many kinds of people. If you compare the two major bead lines and compare their collectors, you will find that Trollbeads attract a more sophisticated customer than Pandora or Chamelia brands. The inspiration for the designs in Trollbeads comes from flora and fauna, mythology, spirituality, fairy tales and cultural diversity. The motto for Trollbeads is "Every Story has a Bead". The Trollbeads artists strive to create small intricate sculptures and the beauty or uniqueness is evident in every bead. This differs sharply from the other bead lines as it where it was the first interchangeable bead line on the market in Europe and was the inspiration of many since.

This next year will be an interesting one to follow with Trollbeads. I believe it will be another record breaker but keep in mind the competition has taken its gloves off. Pandora has given all of its retailers an ultimatum. Starting immediately, they must drop any and all competing brands of beads or be dropped by Pandora. I know of some stores that have had to keep Pandora, because it's a broader line and they sell more dollar wise and have had to, very reluctantly, drop Trollbeads. As a dealer of Trollbeads I can tell already, from my point of view, this was a bad decision for Pandora. Even before the deadline occurred many customers entering my store were aware of the situation and had very negative feelings toward Pandora. Today the consumer is savvy and educated and they do their homework on anything of value they are considering to buy. When a company is purchased by a large conglomerate, as Pandora has been, the focus is only on the numbers and nothing else. There is no concern for what this ultimatum will mean to many of its stores. I know for a fact that if a store has carried both lines, they have done well with both lines. They support the sales of each other because many people collect both lines. Small retailers forced into dropping a line, such as Trollbeads, means cutting their revenue by a huge portion. In this economy it may be devastating to small retailers. Read the news, it's the large conglomerates that are bringing this country to its knees. Small businesses employ more people in this country and through no fault of their own, will be brought down by also.

It doesn't take long to discover the differences in both of the company's artistic and technical standards. It also doesn't take long to understand the differences in management. I hear day after day, "My wife used to collect the other beads and now she is switching to Trollbeads." Just yesterday I helped a couple of customers who also had Pandora beads, talk about Pandora and how difficult it is for stores to deal with the demands Pandora puts on the stores. Dealers who are holding on to their Pandora accounts are angry at the demands Pandora is making on them. Pandora is turning itself into the "bad guy" and should be worrying more about its image and less about the numbers and less about trying to be the only "like" brand in the store. Haven't they ever heard that competition is a good thing?

Keeping in mind Pandora has forced a number of retailers to drop Trollbeads, I still believe 2009 will be another record breaking year for Trollbeads. The negativity produced by Pandora will mean that Trollbeads will fare better in the long run.

Louise Rogers is a 30 year veteran in retail. She owns and manages 3 retail stores and has an on line business selling Troll beads Jewelry. Louise has acted as a consultant to retailers who are looking to brand their products and their name and has consulted in the field of marketing and display. Louise has written other articles on retail ans has been written about in Fortune Small Business Magazine, a CNN publication.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Louise_Rogers
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18 Aug 2009

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If you guys got something to request, i'll will try my best to compile the most relevent info on troll beads.

Happy new years may you guys have many happy returns.

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22 Jul 2009

Trollbeads New Launches For Summer 08 By Rami Nseir Platinum Quality Author (troll beads)

Troll beads
Troll Beads are the originators of the bead phenomenon that has been sweeping the world for the last few years. The first bead was created by Troll beads back in 1976 in Denmark and since then it has been a rollercoaster ride that has now really swept up the British market and made Trollbeads the fashion accessory to wear this season.

Troll beads have captured the imagination of the public by creating a piece of jewellery that can be adjusted and alter by the wear with little effort or time. The simplicity of Troll beads and the active creative element that the wearer has in their piece of Troll beads is what has made them so popular. Troll beads also have the added extra attraction that allows Troll bead bracelet or necklace owners to wear Pandora, Lovelinks, Charm links and many others bead styled jewellery on their Troll bead bracelet.

However Troll beads are not sitting back on their laurels this season, they have launched a brand new range of bead carrying jewellery with the new double band leather bracelets that come in both black and brown, and the new leather thong style necklaces which come in varying different lengths to suit everyone.

The new bead carriers have seen the opening of the male market to Troll beads and this has been duly noted by Troll bead and has led to the creation of new beads that are solely aimed at the male market, with beads like the Team and Champion Troll beads heavily inspired by male dominated sports.

Troll beads also used their family orientated company structure listen to their consumers unlike many companies and created the End of School and Graduation Troll beads that make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to remember this special point in their life.

However the most eye catching of new editions to the Troll bead range are always the murano glass Troll beads and this summer they have once more created some of the most amazing breads. The likes of the Milky Way, Turquoise/ Green Silver Trace, are stunning beads that have bubbles of silver running through the centre of the beads to create a complete unique look. Whilst the new Spring Kit itself have an amazing array of colour perfect for the creation of a summer orientated Troll bead bracelet or necklace.

With such a fantastic array of new beads this season I know there are many people who can not wait to see how Troll beads are going beat this seasons launch.

Rami Nseir likes to write articles in his free time for Hot Watches an authorised UK retailer of Troll beads jewellery.

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Quantifying the Value of Unique Trollbeads By Louise Rogers

If you have ever purchased a unique or assorted Trollbead, formerly known as OOAK or One of a Kind, you have probably searched the various websites and wondered why the prices vary from website to website and from bead to bead. I can't tell you how other websites or stores value their unique beads but I can tell you how we price ours and there are many factors taken into account.

The number one consideration in valuing a unique bead is the visual beauty and the singular originality of the bead. You can always identify these beads as being the ones that once you click on "larger view" your breath is taken away.

If you a Trollbeadaholic, you know what I am talking about. These beads are valued the highest because beyond just their beauty and because of their beauty, they are the most sought after by serious Trollbeads collectors. In defining the value the dealer needs to assess the entire order of beads and decide which of the beads are sellable and which are viewed as not desirable. When you price the good beads you have to include the cost of the undesirable beads so the investment is covered. You may be wondering why we even have the less desirable beads.

Each Trollbeads dealer that has the "Gold" designation is allowed a limited amount of unique beads each month. If we choose to, we can order the "whole" quantity but we are not allowed to pick and choose which beads we like. We have to accept whatever beads we are sent. If we have an order of 100 beads and if only 25 are truly desirable, the selling price of these 25 beads are based on what we have paid for the total allotment.

Just remember when seeking new unique beads ask yourself what you are willing to pay and what you, yourself deem the value to be for your collection. If you look at a bead close up and it takes your breath away, buy it.

Louise Rogers is a 30 year veteran in the retail sector. She owns and manages 3 retail stores and has an on line business selling Trollbeads Jewelry. Louise has acted as a consultant to retailers who are looking to brand their products and their name and has consulted in the field of marketing and display. Louise has written other articles on retail ans has been written about in Fortune Small Business Magazine, a CNN publication.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Louise_Rogers
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Troll beads the very limited jewelry

Everything is getting just too commercial It is no longer easy to be unique, to be individualism. Many fashions are for the mass market where items are being mass produced and one can easily spot and identify the make and the "common" style. Such fashions would include jewelry where designs are repeatable, predictable and common. The loss of individualism may have given rise to the increasing popularity of trollbeads jewelry. Even with the increasing interest in trollbead jewelry, the volume does not forego uniqueness and individualism. Simply for a very simple reason - trollbeads are so diverse in their design and patterns, in their make and colour. Such diversity gives rise to numerous combinations, to numerous styles, each to each's taste and liking!!

Trollbead were first designed in Denmark in 1976 and since then it is making its share history for 30 years now. The trollbead is produced by simply drilling a pearl and since then strings can be made by connecting the trollbeads together. Its more than 30 years now where the trollbeads come in a numerous make-if you prefer pearl, you can get pearl trollbeads, and if your choice is glittering gold then you can get gold trollbeads. Also if the need of the hour is to buy a crystal clear one, you can go for glass trollbeads because the reflection of light will glow your jewelry like a diamond. To kick out the contemporary style in you, get your hands to the Silver trollbead!!

Letter trollbeads can individualize your own jewelry. Who will dare to steal unique jewelry with its own initials? You can also show your love to your favorites by gifting them letter trollbeads.

The other kind of Trollbeads that will mesmerize you is the OOAK Trollbeads. They come in such distinctly liliac, turquoise blue and even pink that will bring the world of colors to your individualized jewelry. Imagine how well these OOAK Trollbeads when put together to be your Trollbeads bracelet and matching necklace for your next Thanksgiving gathering or even Christmas and New Year parties!!

There is also limited availability of Rare and Retired Troll beads in the market as these are the "historical" and authentic ones that may give rise to the value of your Troll beads jewelry.

Surely with all the efforts you put in to design and put together the various Trollbeads to individualize your very own precious Trollbeads jewelry, you do need some untiring support - the clasps that will hold your bracelets, your necklaces together. You can choose between the Gold or Silver Trollbeads clasps which will complete the look. You will be how amazed how the choice of Gold or Silver clasps can make a difference, giving that ultimate finishing to your jewelry.

Imagine how you can just arrange all your trollbeads such that it gives an overview of all that you have. The different size of trollbead boxes and compartments can make it easy for you. Now no one will complain that I have lost my precious trollbead under a sofa!!! Read More......

Troll Beads - The Aztecs

The Aztecs is one of the latest design from trollbeads.comTrollbead has come.

Weight: 1,95

This is one of the Troll Beads design by www.trollbeads.com

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Troll beads For 2009

Troll beads is unique jewelry. Each bead has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living.

What is most distinctive about Troll beads, apart from the original design, is the use and combination of fascinating materials. The beads are made from the highest quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18 carat gold, Italian Murano glass, natural pearls and precious stones.

The original models are typically created in hard modelling wax – cast and finished in metal. Some models are then set with stones. And other models are created directly in molten, red-hot glass.

The concept of Troll beads charms was developed over the past 25 years. Today, eighteen Danish and internationally renowned jewellery designers create the beads. There are more than 200 different models. The full collection can always be viewed at www.trollbeads.com

Tell your own story – create your own jewelry.

The many different symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs, colours and materials offer you endless variations and combinations, making the jewelry both unique and personal. You can start with just one bead or be bold and begin with a collection. The beads can be worn on a silver or gold chain – as a bracelet or necklace.

Create your own charm over time – wish for troll beads, it gives others the opportunity to be part of your story. Read More......