12 Nov 2009

Troll beads -how to buy and choose perfect beads

Troll beads - How to buy nice troll beads
Troll beads is a perfect present for someone we love or even to ourselves. Troll beads can remind us a of an enjoyable trip, a special occasion or even when are celebrating something at that time. But we have to choose carefully and know well on how to buy nice troll beads, to get worth value with money. Below are some basic steps on how to buy nice troll beads. Before buying troll beads make sure that he or she isn’t allergic or has skin reaction to certain type of jewelry.

Firstly find a dealer. Don’t worry, troll beads are easy to get at a lot of fine jewelry outlets or online, so keep your eyes wide open for a distributor. If you find no near home distributor, you can browse through the internet. Check out Troll beads official website and go to the store locator to find your elusive outlet. Shopping online is just as easy, and Troll beads sites are ample (see Resources on your left).
The second step is on how to buy a bracelet for your troll beads. Apparently you’ll need a bit to put your beads on, and Troll beads have some nice silver rope-style bracelets to match perfectly with any of their beads.

Next get a starter bracelet. Ask yourself first, if you want to get into fashion but aren’t certain which beads to choose, you can go with a starter bracelet. These are idea-inspired pre-assembled bracelets that can get you in on the style without a lot of time commitment in selecting your “story.” Starters come in blue, love, nature and ocean themes and come with about 11 beads and spacers.

Then choose carefully your story. If you are purchasing for yourself, think about the things that are significant to you. Quickly browse through a Troll beads catalog and read the stories about the different types of beads. An elephant bead symbolizes strength and good luck, while a green prism bead can improve bad mood or bad luck.

Build one for your friend. Got a new mother to shop for? Build a Troll beads bracelet with an elephant lock bead that represents the bonds of mother and child. Add a letter bead for the child’s name and a cell bead to represent new life. Be prepared to spend a bit though, beads fall into the $20 to $30 range.

Keep on giving. Once you buy or gift a bracelet with Troll beads, add to the collection. As new things happen in life or the seasons change, purchase a bead that will mark the moment.
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